25 movies with Marvel actors you should definitely watch

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Room (Brie Larson)

Brie Larson, the upcoming Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel won an Oscar for her work in Room. When a young girl is taken hostage by a neighbor, she’s forced to live in a small room and answer to his every wish. That includes sleeping with him against her wishes.

By fault, she ends up pregnant and has her son in captivity. Emotionally charged, the movie focuses on the two of them escaping the room while also dealing with returning to normal society with everything that had happened to them prior to escaping.

Brie is phenomenal in the movie, just as she is in all her work. It isn’t really surprising that she ended up taking home the Academy Award. The pain she showed and the dedication to understanding what it meant to be captive like that hit audiences in such a way that there was no one else even in the running for Best Actress in the minds of many.

So will she bring that level of dedication to Carol Danvers? We’ll have to wait and see but from her previous work and Room, it is clear that she is one actress to watch out for and we’re lucky to have her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.