25 movies with Marvel actors you should definitely watch

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What Lies Beneath (Michelle Pfeiffer)

Janet van Dyne is making her appearance in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp and they managed to get none other than Michelle Pfeiffer to play her. While Michelle has quite the career to look at, What Lies Beneath is one of her more interesting roles.

(Also watch her as Catwoman in Batman Returns and in Scarface because those are iconic as well.)

What makes this movie so incredible is that it features Harrison Ford as Michelle’s husband as they live in this terrifying house by a lake and, the crazier Michelle Pfeiffer seems to get, the more justified her actions are.

A classic thriller from 2000, it is an iconic turn from both of these actors. They are fan favorites so to see them on screen together is truly a treat and it helps that, while this movie can get a little out there, it is a great film and altogether fun to watch.

Again, there are plenty of Michelle Pfeiffer movies out there that you could turn to if you wanted a crash course in her work but there is only one that also includes a really cool bathtub scene and Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford playing a married couple.