25 movies with Marvel actors you should definitely watch

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The Hobbit (Evangeline Lilly)

Lord of the Rings has its own very extensive fanbase and franchise and it includes multiple Marvel actors. This time, we’re focusing on Evangeline Lilly as the elf Tauriel. In the Lord of the Rings universe of Middle Earth, the elves are seen as these beautiful creatures.

After all, Orlando Bloom was very famously and beautifully Legolas. So is it surprising that Evangeline Lilly and Lee Pace both play elves? Answer: No. They’re gorgeous. That being said, it just continues the amazing kickass ladies that Evangeline takes on.

First, it was Kate Austen on LOST. An ex-convict who helps an entire island of plane crash survivors make a life for themselves. From there, she went to play Tauriel before crashing into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Hope van Dyne.

Watching her fight alongside the hobbits and her fellow elves is incredible to see because watching any woman take on battle still takes our breaths away. Lord of the Rings has always been very pro-women in their series and the addition of Evangeline Lilly only helped that image.

Basically, all of Evangeline Lilly’s career is making women be seen as powerful fighters and we can’t help but be proud of her.