Why Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe features all the colors of the rainbow


Queen Elizabeth’s sense of style is very particular, whether discussing her hat, shoes, or color choices. However, there is a good reason for all the color she wears.

Queen Elizabeth might be one of the most regal women on the planet, especially considering she is a queen. When it comes to her wardrobe, it is a bit surprising to see someone who comes off so conservative opt for the brightest and loudest of colors. The Queen is well-known for the pops of colors that she wears to so many formal occasions.

While Queen Elizabeth might often be seen wearing sensible black shoes with a small heel to them, and carrying her signature handbag with the handles at the top, the rest of her wardrobe is actually quite vivid.

There was the recent bright floral outfit she wore for the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards Ceremony held on June 26. The Queen also donned a cheerful green during her first royal engagement with the Duchess of Sussex. Just thinking of the vibrant array of color choices she wore for the Royal Ascot makes us envious to think what her full closet looks like.

ASCOT, ENGLAND – JUNE 21: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew, Duke of York arrive in the Royal procession on day 3 of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse on June 21, 2018 in Ascot, England. (Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images for Ascot Racecourse )

However, there is more to Queen Elizabeth’s fashion choices than just a love of color. In fact, as Town & Country reports, the real reason that the Queen’s color palette is reminiscent of a rainbow is that it is all about being noticed.

Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, explained in the documentary The Queen at 90 that the monarch needs to stand out from a crowd when she is in public (and really even in private). The idea is that with so many people hoping to spot Queen Elizabeth, her pop of color allows people to say, “I saw the Queen.”

CHESTER, ENGLAND – JUNE 14: Queen Elizabeth II meets members of public as she and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex walk from Storyhouse to Chester Town Hall on June 14, 2018 in Chester, England. Meghan Markle married Prince Harry last month to become The Duchess of Sussex and this is her first engagement with the Queen. During the visit the pair will open a road bridge in Widnes and visit The Storyhouse and Town Hall in Chester. (Photo by Eddie Mulholland/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

With how many people turn up for events that the Queen participates in, it makes sense that she would want to stand out from the masses. Even if all they can say is that they saw the Queen’s colorful hat, they still saw Queen Elizabeth. At one point, the Queen was even quoted as saying that if she ever wore a beige outfit, “nobody will know who I am.”

Even Kate Middleton has begun following in her grandmother-in-law’s footsteps when it comes to pops of color. During a trip to Canada with Prince William in 2016, the Duchess of Cambridge was seen wearing a bright red jacket in order to make sure that people in the crowd could see her.

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For the royal family, being seen is important. So many people usually turn up for a chance to catch a glimpse of them. Thus wearing vibrant colors is the best way for any member of the royal family to be seen. When it comes to Queen Elizabeth, her wardrobe is certainly perfection in terms of standing out from the crowd.