25 favorite ’80s and ’90s teenage heartthrobs and what they’re doing now

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Matthew Broderick

What made him a heartthrob: For fans of a certain demographic (and age), they probably remember Matthew Broderick from his computer movie, War Games. These fans probably aren’t considering him a “heartthrob.” He got TigerBeat status from his movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in which he was a lovable slacker, jonesing for a day off from school.

The success of this movie catapulted him into major stardom, and he went on to star in major hits like Biloxi Blues, Torchsong Trilogy, and Glory. Most notably, for some fans, he was also the voice of Simba in The Lion King, and made his mark among some viewers with his role in Inspector Gadget.

What he’s doing now: Aside from being Mr. Sarah Jessica Parker, he appeared in American Crime Story, and was in the live televised production of The Christmas Story during last year’s holidays. He also made a guest voice appearance on Bojack Horseman and Adventure Time. 

Matthew at his best: Of course I love Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and I appreciate it’s contribution as a cultural artifact, but it’s not his best, by a long shot. For Broderick’s best (sort of recent) work, check out the indie gem, Election. Also starring Reese Witherspoon, it’s quirky and dark, and showcases Broderick’s dry wit unlike any of his other films, if you ask me.