25 favorite ’80s and ’90s teenage heartthrobs and what they’re doing now

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Rider Strong

What made him a heartthrob: Without question, Rider Strong became a heartthrob solely through his time on Boy Meets World. As the back-talking, always scheming best friend of Corey, Strong’s Shawn became a star in his own right. Since Corey was always firmly in a relationship with Topanga, Shawn was the natural recipient for the collective crushes of American viewers.

What he’s doing now: Not too long ago, Strong starred in the horror movie, Cabin in the Woods, which enjoyed a fair amount of success at the time of release. It’s since garnered a bit of a cult following, and he went on to star in the sequel in 2009. Since then, he had a few guest-starring appearances but reprised his role as Shawn in the reboot, Girl Meets World. 

Rider at best: Of course he is universally loved as Shawn Hunter, especially in those later seasons when he was all grown up. But if you wanna get a different side to him, watch his episode of Veronica Mars in season 3.