Here’s what a Spider-Man vs. Venom movie poster would look like


We may not be getting the Spider-Man vs. Venom movie we want, but there’s always fan art like this to fill the void in our little Marvel hearts.

While a lot of us remain extremely jealous of other people’s artistic abilities, we can’t help but love when talented artists showcase their creativity through amazing fan art pertaining to our favorite movies and TV shows.

Internet artist BossLogic is known for being a huge Marvel fan. This is, of course, reflected in many of his artworks. He loves to envision the impossible and share his talent with other Marvel fans who wish to see different crossovers of storylines that may not necessarily become “canon,” or backstories involving their favorite characters that haven’t had their time in the spotlight.

Recently, he posted his vision for what a Spider-Man vs. Venom movie would look like. Needless to say, fans were pretty impressed.

BossLogic incorporates the recently revealed title for the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, along with our young hero staring up at Earth from another planet while a dark alien symbiote clutches onto his legs and back.

Ending his tweet with a “#wishfulthinking,” fans still speculated whether or not this movie could become a reality.

During a Q&A session at Ace Comi-Con, Tom Holland, our current and lovable Spider-Man, weighed in on the possibility of bringing the two characters together and is here for it. When asked which Spider-Man villain he’d want to see in the future, he answered with, “Maybe Venom?”

Unfortunately for fans, it doesn’t appear that this crossover will happen any time soon. Infinity War co-director Joe Russo confirmed back in May that Venom would not be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thus making a Spider-Man vs. Venom film unlikely. There have been rumors, however, that Tom Holland could potentially be making an appearance in the upcoming Venom film, so only time will tell at this point.

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Venom, starring Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, and Michelle Williams will be released this October.