25 amazing fan art images from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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20. Captain Marvel

Get ready for the Carol Danvers artwork. And honestly, it is time. For years Marvel has relied solely on one female Avenger and then the assistant/lover/awesome woman who was the right hand to Tony Stark.

So when they started to introduce more female characters, of course fans got excited. Flash forward to 2016 when word about a Captain Marvel began to surface and behold, fans started to draw the hero that is, arguably, the Marvel equivalent to Wonder Woman.

This interpretation of the character is fun because of her extremely cool haircut. Most of the time, Carol has long hair, which can be seen as an uber-feminine trait. Pixie cuts, while also feminine, do display a sense of “I-got-stuff-to-take-care-of.”

A sketch that shows her in action, this fan art is great because it definitely gets us excited about Captain Marvel. The glimpse we got of her (a beeper at the end of Avengers: Infinity War) shows us that she is, probably, going to be a pretty big part of Avengers 4 but also we have her solo film coming out a year beforehand!