25 amazing fan art images from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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24. Bucky and Steve

There is a lot of contention around Marvel fans about whether or not they ship Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers together. That being said, this picture is so absolutely adorable it had to be included! Steve painting the galaxy on Bucky’s arm? What’s not to love?

The problem with Stucky, as their relationship is called, is that many think they’re friends and friends only. So a lot of the artwork is torn between a romantic relationship and two friends. This one is amazing and could honestly work either way!

Two friends painting? Great! Boyfriends having a crafts day? Also great! The two have been through so much together that they have quite a relationship. They’re close, they love each other, and in this picture, they’re painting!

Honestly, maybe it is just because of the adorable galaxy themed arm but this is a mix of Steve and Bucky and, more so, Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans. Still, the idea that Steve Rogers would go out of his way to help his friend cope with his arm is adorable.

Would Steve sit and paint Bucky’s arm for fun? Probably not. But the idea is something that we could long for on screen and in the comics.