25 amazing fan art images from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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7. Gamora

Gamora is one of those characters that many of us didn’t expect to love. She is tough, she was out to basically kill the guardians and we didn’t know what she would end up being. Lucky for us all, she’s one of the best female characters in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Gamora doesn’t apologize for how she became the warrior she is. Thanos made her into this killing machine but she has the compassion and ability to grow beyond what he taught her. She wants to make the galaxy better and tries to get the Guardians onboard with her ideas.

This artwork is amazing because it is just simply Gamora. There is no glamor or bells and whistles. It’s just this character who has been through so much showing how amazingly strong she can be. Gamora is one of those characters that really helps those who have been through trauma.

Her entire life was made out to be something she didn’t want and she stopped and changed the course laid out before her. Gamora is incredible because she doesn’t let anyone tell her what her life is meant to be.

This artist understands that Gamora herself is amazing and that’s all that’s needed to make this work fantastic.