They may be terrible, but these are 15 TV characters we love to hate

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Kenya Moore – The Real Housewives of Atlanta

What’s her deal: Arguably the most polarizing and confrontational Housewife, Kenya Moore knows how to maximize her screen time. Coming into the franchise after it was already pretty popular and established, Kenya breathed new life in the show.

Unafraid to stir up trouble, call someone else out on their behavior, and openly throw shade to another Housewives, she made an explosive addition to the cast, and she always makes great TV. She’s downright mean at times, and she often plays a victim when the other ladies turn on her.

Why we love her anyway: She’s so smart about giving audiences what we want, and isn’t afraid to sell her soul to get good TV. She’s also the main instigator of the show, and I swear it wouldn’t be nearly as fun to watch without her.

We also love her because she is pretty open about her life, which is highly attractive when it comes to our reality stars. She’s gone through fertility struggles in front of cameras, and she even let a crew follow her when she tried, and failed, to reconnect to her estranged mother. Granted, she might have gotten a lot further with her mother had she not tried to force her out of anonymity, but at least the fans got what they wanted.

Where to find her: The Real Housewives of Atlanta is about to air its 11th season in the fall, and Hulu has the rest available to watch at your leisure. That is a lot to take on, all at once, but take it from me: it’s totally worth it.