They may be terrible, but these are 15 TV characters we love to hate

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Ruth Wilder – GLOW

What’s her deal: The try-hard aspiring actress from the Netflix series GLOW, Ruth has endless enthusiasm and pep. Even when she discovers the audition she comes to is for a professional wrestling show, she still gives it her all.

No matter how much she is deterred, mocked, or set back, she just keeps getting up and trying even harder. It may seem like a good thing, but the endless optimism is quite grating. Of course we should all look on the bright side, but her relentless chipperness is wearying.

Why we love her anyway: For the same reasons she gets on our nerves, we also have to love her. She just doesn’t give up. Even when faced with personal trauma, public humiliation, and physical pain, she just keeps on going. Even though you kind of want to choke the sunshine out of her most of the time, she is reliably the most enthusiastic person you know.

Fans of the show know that Ruth’s intensity translates into a lot of success for the show. She pushes the other ladies, and keeps their spirits high so they can deliver an entertaining match for the crowds. You can’t stay mad at someone who is just so eager to please.

Where to find her: Season 2 of the Netflix hit is coming soon, so you must get caught up immediately. Netflix has it all.