Preacher: What happens after the end of the road?


Is it a dead end for Preacher’s Tulip, Jesse, and Cassidy?

As we recall, the last season of AMC’s Preacher ended rather harrowingly for our protagonists. With Herr Starr grooming Jesse to take on the mantle of Messiah, our trio splits. Tulip and Cassidy are ready to head out and start a new life on the beaches of the Caribbean and forget all about Jesse Custer.

This plan goes to seed when Tulip says farewell to her friend and neighbor, Jenny. She discovers that Jenny is actually Lara Featherstone, an agent of the Holy Grail, and has been spying on them. Tulip is shot, Cassidy sends Jesse a frantic voicemail, and the episode ends on a dire note, with Tulip dead in the backseat and Cassidy and Jesse arguing up front as they drive. It seems like their friendship is all but ruined.

Throughout the season, Jesse’s childhood was shown to us in brief flashes. Since the first glimpse at a submerged coffin earlier in the season fans have known what’s coming: Angelville.

Situated in a swamp on the Louisiana-Texas border, Angelville is where Jesse grew up. There he was raised to become a preacher. Tortured by his grandmother Marie L’Angell and her cronies until he denounced himself a Custer and declared himself a L’Angell, Jesse learned to fear his Gran’ma’s God.

In a flashback of a young Jesse (played wonderfully by Will Kindrachuk) greeting tourists at the gate of Angelville, we get our first glimpse at TC and Jody (Colin Cunningham and Jeremy Childs), two notoriously despicable characters. Handing Jesse a sack lunch, we see only their arms.

As far as first glimpses go it’s not a lot, but any fan of the comics knows what evil awaits — TC, especially, whose depravity is endless. If you aren’t familiar with the comics, well… soon you’ll see. With Tulip dead, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot Jesse or Cassidy can do.

It’s going to be interesting to see how they portray such an evil presence in the show. Recently AMC gave us two teaser clips: one of Jesse reuniting with Jody; and one of Jesse begging his Gran’ma for help. While not a lot, it certainly sets the tone for the Sunday premiere.

We can only wonder what we’ll see of Angelville this season. Some of Preacher‘s wildest moments happen in that swamp, and what will make it to the screen is anyone’s guess.

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Preacher premieres Sunday, June 24 at 9 p.m. CT.