25 iconic Jurassic Park moments that we will never forget

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18. Chris Pratt and his arms

Look Chris Pratt didn’t get fit for nothing. (Well, he got fit for Guardians of the Galaxy but we still reaped the benefits in Jurassic World.) Playing Owen, Chris Pratt may have had very interesting facial hair but that didn’t mean we weren’t in love with him.

More importantly, his arms. There is a scene in the movie where Claire has to come ask him for help to make sure this insane dinosaur they’ve created will be secure enough to start showing at the park. When she gets to his home, he’s greasy and working on a motorcycle and it is a very important scene for very obvious reasons.

To be honest, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who remembers a single line from this scene. Why? Those biceps. Much like how the MCU has realized arms sell tickets, the Jurassic Park franchise also got on that train.

Granted, his arms are pretty much on display the entire movie, there is something about this scene that very blatantly screams that it is for us just to see his arms and see what Claire saw in Owen in the first place. And really who doesn’t like seeing arms out on display?