25 iconic Jurassic Park moments that we will never forget

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22. The car falling from the tree

The car drop moment of Jurassic Park is iconic. There is no other way to say it. When you’re watching that first movie and Alan Grant is trying to save Tim in the car, there is such a level of fear to the moment that still exists even when you already know the outcome.

There’s a reason that a car in a tree is a staple of most Jurassic Park themed rides in theme parks. The fear that was there was different than what we had experienced previously. When the T-Rex was attacking them, that was an animal we knew very little about. The actions were unpredictable.

This was very real. Being trapped and not knowing how to escape without making matters worse? That was something we could all relate to on some level and it hit harder than anything before it. Then again, it was probably one of the more normalized jump scares in that original movie.

While it terrified many as children, it was a fear we can’t ever really understand because we’re not looking these dinosaurs in the face. That car being stuck and almost killing Tim was truly frightening because we could recognize the likelihood of it happening to us.