25 iconic Jurassic Park moments that we will never forget

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8. The T-Rex is the hero?

The entire Jurassic Park movie has us believe that the T-Rex only wants to murder and doesn’t care about who gets hurt. Clearly, that isn’t the case when she comes and saves everyone from the Velociraptors in the end. They’re cornered, no one knowing how they’re going to survive, and then suddenly, there she comes.

It’s a beautiful moment because whatever fears were there vanish the minute she attacks the Velociraptor. The thing is, without this moment, there wouldn’t be those feelings of joy for her throughout the rest of the series.

We see her stand up for these people against her own kind and, while not necessarily a conscious choice, it is spectacular that a dinosaur ends up saving the day. As Ellie says “Dinosaur eats man and woman inherits the earth” because the T-Rex isn’t just a dinosaur, she’s a female and, at the end of the day, she ended up saving them.

It’s just a beautiful footnote to the movie. It could have ended with them running to the chopper and escaping or someone else being attacked by the Velociraptors or even Hammond sacrificing himself to let them run free. Instead, the T-Rex saves the day and reminds us of their power.