The 2018 Steam Summer Sale is here: 5 of the best gaming deals


PC gamers rejoice! It’s time to save some money on the Steam Summer Sale, and here are 5 of the very best deals for you to check out.

Here’s hoping you’ve been holding off on spending money on Steam. Today’s the first day of the Summer Sale for this year, which will last until July 5. Most of our old tips on how to survive any Steam sale still apply — but there’s a whole new catalog of games on sale this time around.

As a result, we’ve gone through the games and picked out five titles that you might want to choose, all at some pretty stellar prices.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

If you haven’t heard of PUBG, or if you’re wondering what this whole game is about, it’s probably not a bad idea to pick it up while it’s at least on sale (and before the phenomenon fades). It’ll run you $20 right now on Steam. Just be aware of the bugs — as plenty of reviewers can attest to on Steam’s page for the game.


If you’re curious about Fallout 76, but somehow have never played a Fallout game (hey, it’s possible), everything but Fallout 4 VR is on sale for more than 50% off. This isn’t to say that Fallout 4 VR isn’t on sale — it is.

Obviously, Fallout 4 and the Game of the Year edition are probably the best bets here, but you could also easily jump to Fallout 3, which had quite the reputation back in the day.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

With Shadow of the Tomb Raider getting some excellent showings at E3 this year, it might behoove you to play Rise of the Tomb Raider first. The 20 Year Celebration edition is on sale for a whopping 70% off, and it includes the Season Pass as well, adding in even more content for you to enjoy. If you want to pick up the DLC as well, it’s also all 70% off.

Tales of Berseria

Summer is basically the perfect time to play a long RPG, because if it’s too hot, you won’t want to go outside anyway. Tales of Berseria is, therefore, a great option both in terms of quality (as its reviews rank as “Very Positive” on Steam) and price, since at 70% off, it’s practically a steal. Unlike Rise of the Tomb Raider, though, its DLC is only 50% off. Still a pretty good deal, though — and most of the DLC packs are just costumes, anyway.


With Bayonetta 3 on the way for the Nintendo Switch, and Bayonetta herself set to make a return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this year, your best bet for getting to know the witch is starting with her debut game, Bayonetta. On sale for 66% off (a fitting number considering the game’s content), it’ll run you just $6.79.

Bayonetta 2, however, is locked to the Wii U and Switch — but if you have the former, a used copy on Amazon isn’t too tough to find.

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Through June 30, you can also get $5 off $30 when you use PayPal to pay for your Steam games, adding even more savings on top of what you can already find with the sale.

Good luck, and happy shopping!