Great American Read brings Harry Potter as a travel guide [Exclusive]


With the Great American Read comes more beautiful artwork. Harry Potter has been transformed into an exquisite piece of travel art to show how we’re transported to the wizarding world.

Book cover art changes with new publications. Harry Potter has been no different since its first release in Britain in 1997. However, the latest artwork for the Great American Read does more than just transform the book covers. The vintage-style travel guide cover shows just how the book series transports you into the world of wizardry and witchcraft.

The artwork draws you into the world immediately, with the majestic school becoming the main focus. “Visit Hogwarts” stands out, making it clear that that’s the place you will discover and learn more about as you delve into this magical world. As with all travel brochures, there are snippets of what you get to do throughout your time in Hogwarts, which learning alongside Harry Potter is the standout element.

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With owls carrying letters, a flying car, the Quidditch rings, and a Thestral, you’re shown the various ways you’ll get to the school, get letters delivered, and the things you get to do while there. This is a cover that will capture the heart of any Harry Potter fans.

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Image Credit: Acquired via DKC PR

Each of the books in the Great American Read has new travel guide covers. Reading is more than just passing the time. It involves entering a new universe and world. You delve into characters, storylines, and universes, and the new artworks depict just how much people are transported as they read. As the cover art says: Of course it’s happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?

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You can still vote for Harry Potter in the Great American Read and can download the Harry Potter poster once it is available and others here.