25 of the best genderswapped cosplayers we’ve seen

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14. Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon

What girl didn’t grow up loving Sailor Moon? Not a surprise, boys love the show too! A cartoon that had everyone picking what Sailor they were, the show reached many kids throughout the years.

So it isn’t really surprising that some men have taken to dressing like Sailor Neptune just to watch the world crumble at how amazing the look is! Leobane, a French cosplay artist, is famous for his Hercules and more.

Mainly sticking to muscle characters, it was wonderful when he decided to take on Sailor Moon. The problem? He was losing followers every time he posted his Sailor Neptune look. But that didn’t seem to stop him or his love of the cosplay. He continues to post it in hopes that whoever hates on him for dressing up like the Sailor will see he isn’t going to stop.

And honestly, who would want him to stop? It is an incredible cosplay and, even with his gigantic biceps, he makes the Sailor outfit look effortless. May he continue on his quest and who knows, maybe the next one will include the famous black cat.