Does your summer vacation destination require travel insurance?


Travel insurance can be an afterthought. Could your summer vacation destination require proof of travel insurance for your next trip?

Many experienced travelers purchase travel insurance. While an additional travel expense, insurance can be helpful for any traveler. Some travelers may be unaware that their next vacation destination could come with a required insurance purchase. Will that make you rethink your next summer vacation destination?

According to Yonder, a travel insurance company, numerous countries require U.S. travelers to prove that they have travel insurance prior to entering the country. In some of the countries, a visa will not be issued until the traveler can provide valid insurance.

While this requirement may seem an impediment to travel, countries are trying to avoid an economic issues. Some travelers visit countries and leave behind unpaid medical bills. This travel requirement is meant to prevent travelers from taking advantage of free healthcare while traveling.

(Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images for Tourism Queensland)

Looking at the list of countries, the insurance requirement for certain visas includes popular tourist destinations. For example, Australia requirements proof of insurance if a traveler intends to participate in adventure sports. Don’t many people want to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia? Scuba can be considered an adventure sport, which would trigger this insurance requirement.

Considering the popularity of international travel, many of the world’s popular destinations are included on the insurance required list. Granted, some of the countries’ requirements are for longer stays. Still, the requirement is an added travel expense.

In today’s tumultuous climate, it seems likely that more countries will impose these travel requirements. Ecuador just added this requirement for all visitors to the country. It seems likely that more countries will follow suit.

Truthfully, carrying this type of insurance on an international trip is smart. While no one intends to or wants to get sick on a huge vacation, the unfortunate incident can occur. Often these medical expenses can be huge and are not covered by a travelers’ traditional medical insurance. Isn’t it better to have a contingency plan in place in case of emergency?

While travel insurance is an added cost to a trip, it is only a fraction of the total trip cost. Often this type of insurance is a percentage of the total trip cost. Sometimes these insurance policies combine medical emergencies as well as travel interruption. While everyone plans out the epic excursions and adventures, the practical planning needs to be considered as well.

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Before you plan your next big adventure, research your destination’s travel insurance requirement. Don’t let your lack of planning your next memorable vacation.