Prince Charles has a strange, but endearing nickname for Meghan Markle


It looks like Meghan Markle has truly endeared herself to the royal family. In fact, it seems that Prince Charles even has a cute nickname for the Duchess of Sussex.

It has been a busy month for Meghan Markle, from her wedding to her first official engagements as the Duchess of Sussex. And now it seems that all of her time with the royal family has really endeared her to her father-in-law, Prince Charles. The future king of England has apparently gifted his new daughter-in-law with a nickname that is equal parts strange, unique, and ultimately rather cute.

According to Daily Mail, Meghan Markle’s new nickname from the prince is Tungsten, like the metal. While you might be scratching your head over this choice, it is actually a very good name for the newest member of the royal family.

Although the idea of giving someone a nickname like Tungsten might at first seem either unusual or unflattering, in this case, it is actually a compliment from Prince Charles.

As Daily Mail reports, the initial reason that the prince chose the name Tungsten for Meghan Markle was because of her “unbending” and “tough” nature. These are the same qualities that the metal is known for and, according to a palace source, this is actually a rather flattering comparison.

By giving Markle a nickname, not only does this show that Prince Charles approves of his new daughter-in-law, but it is also a sign of his affection for her. It seems that the prince really admires the strength and backbone that Meghan Markle displays, and he feels like this is what makes her such a good fit for Prince Harry, who was described as being “a bit of a softy.”

While the royal family and Prince Charles may not speak out about their opinion on each other and their newest family member, it is news like this and the interactions we see that make it seem as if Meghan Markle has truly been welcomed into the fold. Tungsten may not seem like the kind of nickname that is cute and endearing, but with the meaning behind the name and the fact that it comes from her new father-in-law, this really is a wonderful sign for the new Duchess.

Plus, if royal sources are correct, then it seems as if Prince Charles is truly impressed with Meghan Markle, after telling friends that the family “could not like her more.”

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With how well Markle seems to be fitting in with her new in-laws, we can’t wait to see what comes next for the Duchess and her husband. Perhaps we will even learn other nicknames family members have for her.