Jamie Parker has quite the shiner and he isn’t afraid to show it off

When Harry Potter gets injured, he lets the world know. Or at least that’s what happened when Jamie Parker got injured at their Broadway softball game.

Harry Potter himself might have been quite the sportsman but it seems as if Jamie Parker had a bit of a problem. At a recent Broadway softball league game, the star ran smack into Draco Malfoy, causing him to have a black eye and a cut.

The softball league is usually just a fun time for the stars to come out and play games with their casts. It seems as if Jamie got really into the game and it resulted in him having a black eye that seems to be moving on its own.

What’s most delightful about the situation, however, is Jamie’s tweets as he’s tracking the progress of his injury. He was in well enough health to do the show that same evening and continues to do it with black eye and all.

But it is quite funny to think about the fact that Harry Potter ran full speed ahead into Draco Malfoy to catch a ball that he then missed. While a real life situation for Jamie Parker, it is interesting for us fans to think about.

Nevertheless, the injury could have been worse.

At least the team still had fun. Even if they lost the game again, at least they lost, in Jamie’s words, “Really well”. If you have the chance, you can see them play on Thursdays but hopefully there are no more run ins between Jamie and Alex.

Here’s to Jamie! May you get well soon and not get a scar from your injury. Or, if you do, may it be the lightning bolt of our dreams!