How to get the haute Ocean’s 8 looks into your closet

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Kay Unger Embroidered Cutout Gown. Photo via Saks Fifth Avenue

Target: Anne Hathaway as Daphne Kluger

Get the look: Embroidered Cutout Gown

Don’t let that self-involved and naïve exterior fool you. You didn’t, did you? Anne Hathaway’s character Daphne Kluger is more aware than you may have thought. You probably know by now that she’s lucky number eight in Ocean’s 8 for a reason — she’s in on the con.

Originally targeted to be the unassuming celebrity whom Debbie’s team sets up to wear the Cartier necklace, the plan takes an interesting turn. During the execution of the heist, Daphne became suspicious of Rose’s behavior of filming the magnet, and generally awkward disposition. Driven by the commonplace feeling of belongingness, and a bit of female solidarity, Daphne is convinced by Debbie and Lou to go along with the crime. She even gets Claude implicated for the entire thing. Job within a job achieved!

Hathaway’s Daphne is played flawlessly, exposing a lot of the competitiveness, privilege, and vanity that exists within the celebrity ecosystem. It’s quite meta however. Almost the entire A- and B-list cast has attended events like the Met Gala plenty of times.

Daphne represents actors just like Hathaway, the one playing her. When it came time to form her character, the trick was to not make her seem too likened to any specific celebrity. A lot of inspiration was drawn from Old Hollywood, arguably even the dress Valentino created for her Met Gala appearance. I can’t help but think that the pink may have been a wink to Hathaway’s dress from her Oscar-winning night.

Overall, Daphne’s gown acted as a clean backdrop for her stunning Cartier necklace. The 15-foot cape added that necessary elevation and attention that a Met Gala co-chair demands. We think that this dress is a suitable stand-in, but try not to go too far out of your way to find the right statement jewelry.

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