How to get the haute Ocean’s 8 looks into your closet

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John Zack Plus Off Shoulder Ruffle Midi Dress. Photo via Asos

Recruiter: Cate Blanchett as Lou

Get the look: Off Shoulder Ruffle Midi Dress

It’s always thrilling to see Rihanna involved in any project. Her career has been a series of casually cool moves. Just in the past year, she’s scored multiple huge successes: the Fenty Beauty cosmetic line, Savage X Fenty lingerie, co-chair of the Met Gala, and now a star in a box office winner.

Rihanna’s character is named after the computer mouse that she wields: Nine Ball. As we have learned, recently from the U.S. election hacking, computer technology is a powerful weapon. In Ocean’s 8, Nine Ball is brought on the heist team in order to scan, replicate, and 3D print a fake diamond version of the Cartier necklace that Daphne wears to the Gala. Additionally, she hacks into the Met’s security system to adjust cameras so that the crew can successfully carry out their plan. There’s another security hurdle, in the form of a snafu with the Cartier necklace itself. Apparently, a special magnet keeps it from being stolen. Nine Ball proves that she’s worth arguably more than her cut by phoning-up her super smart little sister. A phone convo takes place where they solve the issue in the nick of time, naturally. The logistics are totally all explained here, I swear.

Rihanna was co-chair of this year’s actual Met Gala — and reigning queen of the event in general. Thus her Ocean’s 8 Met Gala arrival was probably our biggest anticipation. She also rocks mostly baggy looks through the entire movie, which is par for the course when you live behind a computer screen. With both in mind, we were both naturally disappointed with the dress choice, but also relieved and delighted to see a bold, curve-hugging gown.

Let’s be honest, whenever Rihanna shows up, it is a sight to behold. It’s her world, we’re just living in it. You can at least hack Nine Ball’s style with this Bardot neck beauty.