How to get the haute Ocean’s 8 looks into your closet

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Vero Moda Tux Jumpsuit. Photo via Asos

Recruiter: Cate Blanchett as Lou

Get the look: Tux Jumpsuit

When Debbie gets out of prison, she hits up her old partner-in-crime (partner?!) Lou, played by Cate Blanchett. After convincing her to come out of crime retirement, which she seems only slightly reluctant to do, Lou helps to bring the necessary team together for the impending heist. As we had been anticipating, she does so in major style.

It’s been noted all over the place that this story, and our lives, could have benefited from some confirmation of the duo’s intimate relationship. While we didn’t get the connection that we were looking for in the Debbie-Lou interactions, and Lou seemed to be used more like a tool, we did get all sorts of lusty feelings over Lou’s wardrobe. Actually, the wardrobe just played up our lusty feelings toward Cate Blanchett.

The always-stylish-in-real-life Blanchett got to sashay around in some seriously impressive suits, jackets, and leather pants — pulled straight out of my rock & roll dreams. In a noticeably blue, green, and black color palette, her looks were polished, while still keeping an edge.

Among all of Lou’s stand-out looks, one literally shined above the rest: an archival emerald green Givenchy jumpsuit, tailored to fit. All-over embellishment, fur collar, and… wait for it… POCKETS; there was so much amazingness going on with the jumpsuit, that I’m almost passing out trying to explain it.

It’s impossible to find anything on the level of Lou’s Met Gala gem without spending thousands of dollars. I’m still not sure I’ve seen something so glorious. Take this sleek tuxedo-style jumpsuit for a spin — a mix of our spirit suit and the rest of Lou’s wardrobe. Throw yourself a BedDazzler™ party, and you’ll Met-set.