Daniel Radcliffe: 7 roles you forgot he played


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Daniel Radcliffe may be best known as Harry Potter, but he’s done many roles since the magical movies. Here are seven roles you may have forgotten he’s done.

Daniel Radcliffe became a household name as Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. From the age of 10, he grew up in the eyes of his fans and it’s hard for many to see him as anyone else. However, he has had a successful career in some of the most quirky roles.

Many of these roles are likely ones you’ve forgotten. After all, the movies just haven’t been as big or popular as Harry Potter. He’s not played a character who has taken on the Dark Lord, sacrificing his life to save his friends and the whole world.

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These roles are all worth watching. They show Radcliffe’s acting abilities. You’ll quickly forget that you’re watching Harry Potter, as Radcliffe becomes the new characters. He steps into their worlds, bringing the universes to life in ways that he managed to bring J.K Rowling’s universe to life onscreen. Here are seven roles you need to see the actor in now; seven movies you need to sit back and enjoy.

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#7. December Boys: Maps

Movie summary: Four boys who are orphans have become the closest of friends. However, one summer, they all start competing for the love and attention of the same family in hope of finding a new home.

Why you need to watch: Maps, played by Daniel Radcliffe, is the eldest of the four boys. Close to turning 17, he knows that his time is coming to an end. Nobody will want him now, but he still craves a family.

It’s a coming of age story for the four orphans, as they debate whether they need family or not. Maps is the one that struggles the most, especially as he unveils secrets and goes through love and heartbreak. This is one of those movies to watch when you want to see the goodness in humanity, while also seeing children learning who family really is—and maybe they had it all along.

#6. My Boy Jack: John Kipling

Movie summary: Children’s author Rudyard Kipling and his wife do everything they can when their son, Jack, goes missing during the First World War.

Why you need to watch: With the anniversary of the end of World War I coming up, now seems the perfect time to delve into a movie set around the turbulent and dangerous time. Daniel Radcliffe is John Kipling, the son of author Rudyard Kipling. Based on a true story, we see John as he finds a place in the army and goes off to battle in the First World War. During the Battle of Loos, he’s declared missing in action.

Rudyard and his wife spend three years looking for answers about what happened to Jack during the battle. The movie takes us through the initial plan for John, the training in the Army, his time as an officer, and the events that happened in the battle leading to his disappearance. It’s a movie that shows how money and prestige couldn’t keep anyone safe when it came to the frontlines.

#5: Now You See Me 2: Walter Mabry

Movie summary: The Four Horsemen return for their most dangerous and impossible heist yet.

Why you need to watch: As a sequel, it’s easy to overlook the movie. This is possibly why a movie that was only released in 2016 has already been forgotten about. However, it’s a chance to see Daniel Radcliffe in a role you haven’t before. He’s the man who recruits the Horsemen and forces them to do his bidding.

All he wants his a data mining device from his former business partner, Case. It also turns out that he’s the illegitimate son of someone connected to the Horsemen. This is a movie all about intrigue and thievery. There are twists and turns that you don’t expect, even after watching the first one!

#4. Imperium: Nate Foster

Movie summary: An FBI agent goes undercover as a white supremacist to uncover another terrorist plot.

Why you need to watch: Did you ever think you’d see Daniel Radcliffe in the role of a white supremacist? In this movie, you’ll see him don the role, as his plays an FBI agent eager to go undercover to uncover the terrorist plot beneath the surface.

Throughout the journey, he is almost uncovered multiple times and he gets close to a few in the group who start to lose faith in the cause. This is a chance to delve deep into terrorists organizations and see Radcliffe in a role you didn’t expect.

#3. Kill Your Darlings: Allen Ginsburg

Movie summary: Allen Ginsburg, Jack Kerouac, and William Burroughs are the great poets of their generation. They all come together in 1944 after a murder of a university professor.

Why you need to watch: You remember how Harry Potter wanted to believe the best in many and wanted to help his friends? Daniel Radcliffe takes on a similar role in Kill Your Darlings, as Allen Ginsburg, who is called by a man he befriends at Columbia University. The biopic tells the tale of three poets, who come together after the murder of a university professor and the possibility of a victim going to prison.

What we also get is the story behind “The Night in Question,” which sees Ginsburg with one of two options: expulsion from Columbia or the chance to tow the line. Which does his choose? This is definitely a movie worth watching to find out.

#2. Horns: Ig Perrish

Movie summary: Ig awakens after the mysterious death of his girlfriend to find a horn has sprouted from his head. Suspected of his girlfriend’s rape and murder, he has to fight for his innocence.

Why you need to watch: If you love fantasy horror movies, this is certainly one you’ll want to put on one night. It’s a tale of Ig, who is accused of the rape and murder of his girlfriend, only to profess his innocence. When horns grow from his head, he finds that they could be the key to prove his innocence and be reunited with the woman he loves.

We’re taken through a twisted tale of deceit, love, and truth. The horns become an important part of the story, as Ig looks back over his life and fills in all the blanks from his girlfriend’s murder. This is a role that Radcliffe said was emotionally and physically different from anything he had ever done before, and was one he’d been excited about.

#1. What If: Wallace

Movie summary: Wallace forms a bond with Chantry. However, she has a boyfriend. The two grow close as they figure out what would happen if your best friend is also your soul mate.

Why you need to watch: What would happen if your best friend was also your soul mate? That’s what this forgotten Daniel Radcliffe movie looks into it. The romantic comedy tells the story of Wallace, who has dropped out of medical school and hasn’t been social in a year. When he finally goes to a house party, he meets Chantry and this is where the movie starts to unravel.

Radcliffe plays a heartwarming role, as he works his way through life trying to figure out his feelings and expectations of him. He and Chantry spend time contemplating possibilities of the future, leading to the title What If, although in some countries the movie was called The F Word.

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Have you heard of these Daniel Radcliffe movies? Are there any that you’ve watched but completely forgotten about now? Which ones will you watch first now you know? Share in the comments below.