Alex Kurtzman has made a deal to create a Star Trek extended universe


Alex Kurtzman has a new five-year mission after making a deal with CBS to create a Star Trek extended universe beyond just Star Trek: Discovery.

Star Trek has been a stable of nerdom for the last 50-plus years, and now it seems as if Alex Kurtzman wants to expand the show that already has taken over generations (and in many different forms). News broke today that Kurtzman has made a deal with CBS for a five-year plan of Star Trek themed shows.

While this is exciting, it does bring up a lot of questions about the already extant series as well as the movie franchise that is an alternate universe from the original series (but still with the same characters).

One of the rumored shows, which is maybe one of the more interesting takes, is a show centered around Starfleet Academy. The franchise spans over 50 years, but we haven’t seen too much about the academy that all our favorite characters came from on the screen. We know of the tests and the classes, we’ve seen what it looks like, but an entire show dedicated to the academy?

It would be pretty incredible and could, if this extended universe is successful, give CBS the means to branch out into doing more films with Star Trek or even trying to get into the theme park game as so many other extended universes are doing these days.

We’ll have to see what Alex Kurtzman actually does with the shows though. While Star Trek: Discovery is pretty incredible, it has gotten flack for not feeling like a Star Trek show. Hopefully these new shows will be more on track with the series we love!

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