15 of the weirdest TV shows that’ll have you wondering why they even exist

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2. Vanilla Ice Goes Amish

What it is: Vanilla Ice, ’90s hip-hop “star” and performer, goes to Amish country to work as a contractor and handyman. As a spin-off to his first home improvement show, The Vanilla Project,  the premise is based almost solely on the “culture clash” he faces when he visits Holmes County, Pennsylvania, an Amish community.

The yuck factor: This really just depends on your attitudes about Vanilla Ice himself. After a failing career as a rapper in the early ’90s, he transitioned to a sort of successful home improvement career and did pretty well with his first show.

However, the exploitative nature of the inclusion of the Amish folks makes it questionable. There are lots of jokes and gags made at the expense of their lack of technology and antiquated lifestyles, but I’ll admit Vanilla Ice is a pretty charming guy. He’s ingratiating and respectful of his hosts and their homes, and he actually does some chores.

Where and how: Inexplicably, this show was quite popular among the home improvement set. While Vanilla Ice Goes Amish originally appeared on the DIY Network, it’s been in syndication on GAC and HGTV. You can also find it on Hulu if you’re dying to see Rob (as he’s known to his Amish colleagues) bale some hay and use a candle.