8 things we want to see in season 8 of American Horror Story


With news of a Murder House/Coven crossover, we pick the top 8 things we need to see next season on American Horror Story.

It’s official, we are getting the Murder House/Coven crossover from American Horror Story sooner than we all thought. Ryan Murphy revealed the news on Twitter by saying that rather than having the crossover happen next year for season 9, they are going to make it happen this year instead.

With how long it has been since either of these AHS seasons, and with so many fans of American Horror Story calling Murder House (which was the first season of the series) and Coven their favorites, it makes sense that there are some things we all want to see in Season 8.

While there has been some crossover before in order to connect the different seasons together, knowing that Coven and Murder House are truly coming together means coming up with our own list of things we really want to see out of this season.

The return of Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange was a major part of the first few seasons of American Horror Story and she was especially vital in both Murder House and Coven. How can we have a crossover of these two seasons without Lange?

In season 1, she was the neighbor who knew all of the mysterious goings on in the house next door and yet played her part to perfection. She was a mother and a nosey neighbor. As Constance, Jessica Lange seemed to know all of the secrets of the Murder House and yet she never really let anyone else in on what she knew.

While she may not have been at the very center of the story, she was certainly vital to much of it and I can’t imagine a crossover without her. This is especially true when you think about her role in Coven, as the Supreme and mother of the head of the academy for witches in New Orleans.

With two major roles in both seasons, it seems impossible to have a crossover season without Jessica Lange.

And the return of Taissa Farmiga

Much like Jessica Lange played a major role in Coven and Murder House, so too did Taissa Farmiga. In season 1 she was the daughter of the family who moved into the Murder House. Her story was ultimately a big part of the house’s reveal. In fact, she was a big reason why her family ultimately found themselves forever becoming a part of the house and its history.

At the same time, her role in Coven as Zoe, a young woman sent to the academy after she is revealed to have rather dark powers, was also a major part of the season. Sure American Horror Story is an ensemble series and there are a lot of people who make the show come together, but Taissa Farmiga was still a big part of the series’ earlier seasons.

Her characters were important to the story being told and it doesn’t make sense not to have her make a comeback in time for the crossover season.

The Harmon Family

If they really are able to bring back Taissa Farmiga, then really they need to bring back the entire Harmon family. The family that started it all can’t be left out of a Murder House/Coven crossover.

This means Ryan Murphy has to bring back Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott too. The Harmon’s were what made Murder House an amazing story as their entire lives were flipped upside down once they arrived. What happened to them in that house was the focus of so much of that first season and it doesn’t make any sense to forget that.

Without this family, is there even a Murder House portion of the crossover?

Ghosts versus Witches

In the tweet from American Horror Story‘s Ryan Murphy, he made it clear that this was going to be the season of the witches, but what about the ghosts? In fact, season 1 was so much about the ghosts that it seems like if they plan to do justice to a Murder House/Coven crossover, then the ghosts need their time to shine too.

While the witches might “rule this September,” there is nothing that says the ghosts can’t have some fun as well. Who else wants to see the ghosts and witches come face to face? Have some banter, talk about a little resurrection here and there, maybe even stir up some otherworldly trouble… Basically, let the ghosts have some fun with the witches.

Witches and ghosts might not exactly get along, but that’s okay. Tension is good for the show after all.

Let the Ghosts out of the Murder House

Now, if we want to see the ghosts have some fun with the witches of Coven, then that means they need to be let out to play. While the first season revealed that the ghosts could leave the house on Halloween (a lot happens on Halloween, especially in the world of American Horror Story), we want to see more than just the ghosts being stuck to the house all season.

If ever there was a time to let the ghosts out, this would be it. Perhaps one of the witches can do something that will allow the ghosts a chance to roam around a little. Whatever needs to happen to get the Murder House ghosts (or at least the ones we actually liked) out and about, we are all for it.

Address the apparent death of Queenie during Hotel

During the Hotel season, Queenie from Coven made a trip to the Hotel Cortez. This trip led to her demise and if the crossover season does not address that death, then what was the point? Queenie was so important to the academy and the story of these witches, and if her apparent death is forgotten, then really American Horror Story would be doing the character a disservice.

The Coven witches must know where Queenie went and what happened to her, and if they really are doing a crossover, then it just makes sense that her disappearance would be at the very least discussed. This is especially true since Murder House was actually a part of Hotel as well, with a connected history that helped to bridge the story between those two seasons.

Billie Lourd and Emma Roberts playing off of each other again

Fans of Ryan Murphy’s other series, Scream Queens, know that there was something a bit magical about the way Billie Lourd and Emma Roberts played off of each other. While it has already been confirmed that Lourd would be a part of the eighth season, we want to see her come face to face with Roberts’ Madison Montgomery.

Just the thought of these two together again is enough to make any fan happy, especially if you loved them on Scream Queens.

How the Coven began (Bring back Lady Gaga’s first Supreme)

During Roanoke, it was revealed that Lady Gaga’s character was the very first Supreme of the coven. While not much more information was revealed beyond that, it would be interesting to learn more about how the first Supreme started the coven that we would later see in New Orleans.

Not only would this be a chance to bring back Lady Gaga as the first Supreme, but it would actually make the crossover even bigger. Is the ghost of the first Supreme still hanging around in some way and would that mean the ghosts of Murder House could see her too? The possibilities for how Lady Gaga’s Supreme could make a comeback seem rather interesting, and might make for an even richer look into the coven and their witches.

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There are so many things we want to see when it comes to season 8 of American Horror Story. Whether it is the actors and actresses who have departed the show in previous seasons or certain storylines we want to see more of, this crossover is one with a lot of potentials.