Your summer watchlist: 15 shows you can watch to beat the heat

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2. The Bachelorette 

The rundown: I probably don’t need to explain the premise of America’s most infamous reality dating show. If you aren’t a fan, you might have missed the recent drama surrounding the franchise. Becca, the lead on season 14, was recently dumped in front of the world, by the last Bachelor, Arie.

Recovering from this very public shaming, her natural instinct is to go right back on TV and search for love, and we’re glad she did. Only a few episodes into the season, it seems like the feelings and connections are on fast forward, and we already have lots of tears and breakdowns — none of which are from Becca, I should say.

Why it’s summer fun: Becca, of course, is juggling 26 men, and the shift in the dating power dynamic is always a delight. The men are far cattier and messier than any nasty female stereotypes. She seems to have a deft hand at handling even the worst of the worst. I’ll admit, it’s so fun to watch these men fall apart, wondering if the girl they like likes them back. They also bicker incessantly, and it’s just plain ol’ reality fun.

In addition to all the romance and emotional porn we get to consume, we also get an incredibly random and strange collection of artists. So far, we’ve had both Lil Jon and Richard Marx (not together, unfortunately) and I’m just here for the schadenfreude.

How to watch it: We all know ABC has the reality dating competition cornered, and you can watch all two hours of it on Monday nights. However, you can stream it the next day, in its entirety, on Hulu and ABC’s website.