Your summer watchlist: 15 shows you can watch to beat the heat

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15. Sharp Objects

The rundown: Amy Adams plays Camille Preaker, a troubled journalist who returns to hometown to investigate the murders of two young women. Preaker begins to identify with the victims, and she descends into a spiral of terrible memories about her own childhood.

Why it’s summer fun: Although not as light and frothy as some of the other shows, the show will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. Based on the novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl fame, it’s the psychological thriller you need in your life this season.

HBO has proven, with the success of Big Little Lies, they can do both book adaptations and suspense with depth and consideration, so this miniseries is bound to be a hit. On its surface, it seems like a whodunnit with a badass female lead. The show also explores the nuances of mental health and the effects our past can have on our identities.

Amy Adams hasn’t done much television, so HBO is good place to show off her chops. Marti Noxon, from UnReal and Dietland, writes a good bit of the season, and she’s known for writing complex women characters.

Where to watch it: It’s an HBO original series, so you’ll only be able to access it on the network or it’s streaming service. However, if you have Hulu, it’s worth the little bit of extra money to get the HBO add-on for when it premieres in July.

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Which shows will you binge-watch this summer?