Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, what do parents need to be aware of?


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has been out for some time now with millions of people playing the game, including young children, is there anything that parents should be aware of?

This may appear a little bit silly to some but there are some elements of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery that parents should be aware. Only small things, some more minor than the other, but every child is different and therefore what you may feel might be rather silly is far more serious to another.

Overall Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is really good and parents should not be overly concerned about their child playing the game. It is nothing compared to some other games we hear about where kids have racked up huge bills on their parent’s credit cards, stayed up until the early hours of the morning, etc.

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But like I said, there are some things and here they are.

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What do parents need to be aware of?

So the number one thing, and probably what parents get concerned about the most, is the idea that their little one may rack up a huge bill. Yes, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery does have in-app purchase features, but you can play the game without spending anything as well.

Photo Credit: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery/Jam City Image Acquired from ONE PR Studio.

The in-app purchase features will allow you to play the game and progress faster than someone who doesn’t open up their wallet. But, if your little one can just be a little bit patient (I know, I’m asking a lot) they will eventually get to the same point as someone who paid to get there.

The good thing is, especially for us parents, you are not forced to input any card details when you start the game. So you don’t have to worry about them already having access to payment options.

Ultimately, if they want to buy something they are going to have to ask for your card first, giving you the final decision.

Other aspects that parents may want to aware off are going to completely depend on your child. Hogwarts Mystery touches on a few subjects that, if your child has any experience with, may find concerning.

  • The concept of missing children
  • Bullying, caused by students and staff

Photo Credit: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery/Jam City Image Acquired from ONE PR Studio.

I said at the start that some of you may find this silly. That the idea of bullying and missing children in a game is something that parents should be aware of, but it is. Some children will find it a distressing subject and if your child does you need to be aware of it.

Overall it is all good

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. Hogwarts Mystery is a great game, especially for children. Unlike some games, there is no graphic blood and gore, no over the top violence, etc. Parents should feel comfortable letting their children play this game.

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What is your take on the game? Are you a parent who has their reservation about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.