Junior Cert math question brings Harry Potter into the equation


The creators of the Junior Cert math question decided to get a little magical, bringing Harry Potter into the equation.

Potterheads would have enjoyed one question on Ireland’s Junior Cert math exam. However, it certainly stumped those who didn’t know who the Boy Wizard was. It’s led to a couple of complaints, as teachers found themselves explaining what a Horcrux was.

During the Ordinary Level paper, students were shown an image of the Horcrux symbol, along with the name. While Potterheads would have been able to overlook the name and jump straight into the question, some students were apparently stumped. They were confused that their teachers had never taught them what this “math” symbol was and it was left to the teachers to explain that the name wasn’t important for the question—just follow the actual math within.

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It’s not the first time that a fandom has been brought into exams. The whole purpose is to make them more enjoyable for the students, making them more at ease to answer the actual question. In this case, the Harry Potter symbol was part of a question for geometric construction. It sounds like from the article in the Independent that there was at least a copy of the symbol for those who hadn’t read the Harry Potter books or watched the movies. The focus should have been on the question from the start.

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There were a few other questions that caused some difficult across all the Junior Cert subjects. However, the papers were considered “fair.”

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Would you have enjoyed a Harry Potter question on your school exam papers? Are you surprised that this has led to some complaints? Share your thoughts in the comments below.