Casting call from Disney suggests that a Ms. Marvel movie is in the works


It looks like Disney and Marvel are moving forward with post-Infinity War plans, as a new casting call for Ms. Marvel gives us a glimpse at the future.

A new Disney casting call suggests that following the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, fans of the comics will then get a Ms. Marvel movie. According to Screen Rant, the news is not all that surprising since Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel studios, recently revealed plans to introduce the character of Kamala Khan into the MCU, following the release of the Captain Marvel movie.

As fans of the comics know, Kamala is a young Muslim girl inspired by Captain Marvel. Thus, she uses that inspiration in her own superhero name. It makes sense then that Feige said Captain Marvel has to be released first so that Kamala Khan has the hero to look up to and be inspired by.

Based on the call published by Movie Casting Call, the studio aims to accurately represent Kamala from the comics. As fans of the Marvel comics and the MCU, this is exciting news. Not only does this mean getting to see even more cultural representation on the big screen, but it also means even more women taking the spotlight in the MCU.

According to the casting call, the studio is looking for a “comic book accurate” representation of Kamala Khan. She is described as being a Muslim-American young woman who is from Jersey City, New Jersey. The casting call also reveals that the film will begin “production next year.”

While news that a Ms. Marvel film is in the works is not entirely surprising after Kevin Feige spoke about the character being developed for the MCU, the information released in the casting call does have some elements of surprise to it. Particularly the fact that the movie is set to begin production so soon.

Prior to Feige admitting that the studio is working on a Ms. Marvel, there was no other real news about the character or a potential film. There has been no known discussions of a script being written, a director being in place, or really anything else that would indicate that the MCU and Disney were ready to begin production on Ms. Marvel in 2019.

While possible that work has already begun for Ms. Marvel, that would mean the studio has been able to keep their plans firmly contained and away from the public eye.

Now, a Ms. Marvel movie likely won’t appear until the later half of 2020. But perhaps we could see her sooner, in an after credits scene for Captain Marvel?

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Not only would that tease the arrival of Ms. Marvel perfectly, but it would be a great way to pay tribute to the character’s introduction in the comic books. Just like the comics introduced the newest Marvel hero in a single page at the end of an issue of Captain Marvel, having the MCU essentially take a page from the comics would be fitting.