New Wonder Woman 1984 pictures have us screaming


Wonder Woman 1984 is gearing up, and Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot decided to bless the internet with some amazing new pictures from the film!

Wondering how Steve Trevor is possibly in Wonder Woman 2? Well, so are the rest of us. Especially because Patty Jenkins just shared pictures from the film where Steve Trevor is there in all his 80s glory. (And it is definitely a wonderful look on Chris Pine, high-waisted jogging suit and all.)

These pictures do more than just show us that Steve Trevor is, for a fact, back. They also confirm that the movie is set in 1984 and that Wonder Woman herself is taking on the Cold War (as seen in the picture of Diana looking at the television screens).

Now while the pictures are incredible, it brings up a lot of questions. First of all, how is Steve Trevor there? The running theory is that Flashpoint happens before Wonder Woman 1984 and so Barry Allen is the reason for Steve’s return (resulting in multiple Steve Trevors throughout Diana’s timeline).

That’s only a theory, but it would make sense since Steve is clearly there. Or maybe the film is going to go down the same road the television series did and make him his great grandson or something like that. Whatever the case may be, these set pictures from Patty Jenkins confirms a lot of the rumors running around about the sequel.

Too bad we still have a really long time before we get any sort of trailer or anything. The movie isn’t coming out for another year, and we just have to look at these beautiful pictures and hope they somehow move the date up so we can experience Wonder Woman 1984 sooner rather than later.

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Wonder Woman 1984 doesn’t hit theaters until 2019 but these pictures have already gotten everyone excited to see Diana Prince taking on the 1980s once again.