MPR raccoon is the hero we didn’t know we needed


A brave, furry, little soul made their all the way to the top of a 23-story building in one of the most suspenseful, intense adventures ever.

The world held its breath yesterday as something amazing happened. One brave raccoon faced the odds and made it to the top of a 23-story building in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Reporters at Minnesota Public Radio named the fearless raccoon #MPRraccoon and it quickly became an Internet sensation. People all across Twitter rooted the little critter on as it scaled floor after floor trying to reach the top.

The MPR raccoon was first seen on Monday making its way up near the Town Square building in downtown St. Paul. And it was still tirelessly and determinedly working its way up on Tuesday.

Some maintenance workers tried to get it to come down, to no avail. According to Gizmodo, the poor raccoon got scared and started going up the UBS Tower.

The fire department came, but they couldn’t risk trying to get the poor little climber off the ledge.

At that point, the raccoon had gone without food or water for two days. James Gunn, writer and director of Guardians of the Galaxy who is linked to another famous raccoon, offered $1,000 to charity if this critter was rescued.

Cat food was set up on the roof, in hopes the raccoon would quickly scurry up there. People waited with bated breath to see if our adventurer would make it. Some went to bed not knowing if the poor raccoon would even make it to the top.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending.

Early Wednesday morning, our climber finally safely made it to the roof. MPR News reported that the raccoon watched around the world was released back out into the world.

Hopefully, this thrill seeker is ready to settle down and live a calmer life now.

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In a time of great uncertainty, MPR raccoon gave us something to cheer for. It showed us what strength, determination and never giving up looks like, even when you’re faced with insurmountable odds. So thank you, MPR raccoon, for being the hero we didn’t know we needed and showing us anything is possible.