Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger season 1 episode 3 preview: Stained Glass


Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger ramps up on the action in its third episode, as Tandy and Tyrone’s separate paths slowly start to intertwine.

If you missed the premiere of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, you may just want to catch up. Its first two episodes painted a setting that our heroes desperately need to escape.

And they have yet to realize just how much their fates intertwine.

Two episodes in, Cloak and Dagger hasn’t taken too many crazy risks. But the potential is just below the surface.

Here’s the official synopsis, courtesy of Freeform:

"Tandy is on the run as Detective O’Reilly closes in on her, but the detective may not be after her for the reasons Tandy thinks. Tyrone is desperate for answers and turns to Evita and her Auntie Clarisse, a Voodoo priestess, for help."

I mean, we are in New Orleans. Voodoo feels necessary. As long as the show doesn’t make it feel too campy or unrealistic, it’ll help make the show feel like its truly in New Orleans.

Maybe adding in a little bit of voodoo is just the bit of flair Cloak and Dagger needs to bring in some weirdness. It is already relatively weird, but a little more wouldn’t hurt.

It’s still a brand new show, too. Two episodes in, we can’t expect insane superpowers to be the main focus of every episode. It needs to build up to it.

The big question right now remains: When will Tandy and Tyrone really start to interact? Their paths run parallel to each other; it’s only a matter of episodes before they intersect — and probably in a bad way.

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I have a feeling Cloak and Dagger will leave these two separate for a few more episodes. After all, they need to build up to it.