Detroit: Become Human will let you get a new Chloe, but will your morals let you?


Playing through Detroit: Become Human will give you one final decision when you hit the main menu. But those who took the humanitarian route are getting a second chance.

Not that you didn’t already have a lot of choices to make in Detroit: Become Human, but the developers of the game are giving you one final decision to make — depending on how you ended your playthrough (spoilers follow).

Once you reach the end of the game and make it to the main menu, you’ll be greeted once more by the menu android Chloe. She asks if you’ll do one last thing and free her from the restraints of the main menu. After seeing how vulnerable those androids were in the game, it’s only human that you find it in your heart to free her.

But now, Quantic Dream, the game’s developer, is giving you one last shot if you regretted your decision. Syfy Wire pointed out that earlier this month, Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière created a Twitter poll asking users if they’d like another chance to get a new Chloe. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Now, the people are getting what they want, and a new patch will soon be available for players to get another Chloe, while your “original” Chloe will still roam free.

It’s the ultimate moral dilemma, really. And it depends on how serious you take the game. On one hand, it’s just a game and, sure, having another Chloe wouldn’t hurt.

But on the other hand… how, just how, could you let such a pure android return to servitude just to keep you company on your thousandth playthrough? Sure, it might be a fresh Chloe with all her factory settings. But there’s probably a small ounce of light in that model that says “yes, we’ve got ourselves a deviant.”

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So the choice is yours, decision-making human. When you start up Detroit to get your “I’ll Be Back” trophy or whatever reason you’re playing again, will you live android-free? Or will you relish in the chance of getting to see Chloe one more time? The choice is yours.