25 most outrageous moments in Real Housewives history

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Teresa lunges for Danielle and Andy gets caught in the middle –RHONJ

Andy Cohen, as the executive producer and resident wrangler of all the Housewives, rarely gets in on the action. He mostly just sits in that middle chair in the reunion and asks pointed and provocative questions.

However, in one of the more memorable reunions, he gets caught between a wild-eyed Teresa Guidice and a smug Danielle Staub, and Daddy Andy landed on flat on his booty. He must have really underestimated Teresa’s rage strength because he got manhandled by his very own star.

Danielle had been the main antagonist throughout that entire season, so when reunion time came around, she had to answer for all sorts of things. When talk turned to Teresa and whether or not she had “acknowledged” her nephew, Teresa got angry. She jumped up from her couch, went to Danielle to tower over her and screamed (and I mean, screamed) obscenities. She was doing her classic “aggressive point” into Danielle’s face and Andy knew it was only a matter of time before volatile went to violent.

He started by just grabbing her arm, hoping to get her to return to her couch. But Teresa was in anger trance and Andy had to physically move her back from Danielle. The more forceful he became, the angrier Teresa got, and she wound up pushing Andy out of her space and he fell back onto his chair.

Being the gracious host that he is, he didn’t hold it against Teresa, and the reunion went on as planned from there. But I bet he will think twice before trying to break up a Housewife fight from now on.