25 most outrageous moments in Real Housewives history

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Heather uses leeches for “therapy” – RHOBH

Without much discernible personality, besides building an incredibly expensive mansion and wacky husband, Heather didn’t do too much in the way of outrageous. She was, however, willing to participate in any sort of far-fetched beauty regime to advance and promote her and her doctor husband’s beauty brand.

The worst of the worst came when she arrived at a party wearing leeches under her shirt. No one would have ever known had the blood not started seeping through her clothes. When the other ladies noticed the blood, Heather lifted her shirt to reveal half a dozen leeches actively sucking her blood and actually stuck to her skin. It was gross on a hundred different levels.

Heather promoted herself as the epitome of decorum and etiquette, so this felt wildly out of character for her. She’s not one to put her business on the street, especially when her business is gruesome and reveals a dark vanity.

Heather is married to Terry Dubrow of E!’s show, Botched, and they were co-writing a beauty and lifestyle book at the time. The leeches were an experiment of sorts, and revealing their existence was probably a thinly veiled attempt to promote their brand and their various endeavors. Nevertheless, it was shocking and gave the whole scene an incredible ick-factor — very off-brand for Heather Dubrow.