Josh Groban transformed into Jamie Parker on the Tony stage


The Tony Awards brought real magic on stage by making Jamie Parker appear! Or it was just a glimpse at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stars Jamie Parker as the boy who lived. He’s incredible, bringing to life this character we’ve all known for most our lives in a new and exciting way. So while he didn’t win the Tony for Best Lead Actor in a Play, we can all bask in the stage magic we saw before us.

Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles began talking about magic, how Josh learned some and they tried to perform some of the stage magic from the show. But the real joy came when Groban decided to do his ‘trick’ and turned himself into Harry Potter!

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Jamie Parker emerged in costume, including Harry’s scars left from Umbridge’s quill, and it was absolutely beautiful to see. The show is something wonderful, whether or not you like the script. It brings us a new kind of Harry Potter and reminds us why we love him so much.

And if we get to see Josh Groban turn into Jamie Parker over and over again on the Tony Awards, that’s enough to hold us over until we actually get to see the show for ourselves (no easy feat mind you. You may have to use your own magical abilities to score some tickets. Especially since the show just won the Tony for Best Play.)

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That being said, Jamie Parker is a wonderful Harry Potter and his dedication to detail with the character is why his portrayal is so amazing and we wish he would have won!

If you can get tickets, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is currently on Broadway and in the West End in London. The show is incredible to watch and highly recommended.

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After all, it is the Best Play of 2018.