Infinity War fan saw movie over 40 times, got invited to the Avengers 4 premiere (and we’re jealous)


What happens when you go see Avengers: Infinity War over 40 times? Well, you get invited to the premiere of Avengers 4.

Everyone has probably seen Avengers: Infinity War and this point and, if you haven’t, then you may already know what happens to our beloved characters. That being said, many of us could only watch it so many times before we were too upset by what happened at the hands of Thanos.

One superfan, NemRaps on Twitter, decided that he needed to watch Peter Parker turn to dust over and over again. And in doing so, it earned him a spot at the premiere for Avengers 4! That’s right — apparently, if you spend enough money seeing the latest Marvel film, you can go to the premiere. (Not really, do not do this. You’ll just spend lots of money and cry because Bucky Barnes says “Steve?” before he, too, becomes dust.)

In the video below, Nem talks about the “whirlwind of amazingness” of being noticed for his intense Marvel fandom.

He then explained how the Russo Brothers reached out to him and invited him to the Avengers 4 premiere.