Celebrity hairstyles to try out this summer, from Sienna Miller to Ariana Grande


Celebrities ranging from Ariana Grande to Jennifer Lawrence are rocking new hairstyles and inspiring us to redo our own ‘dos for a sizzling summer!

Just in time to celebrate summer, we’ve found a group of courageous celebrities who went for it when it comes to new hairstyles. Whether you’re considering bangs, a bob, or blonde, get ready to feel inspired to enjoy your own ‘do redo.

Selena Gomez: Bob-a-licious

Selena Gomez is wowing us with her bodacious bob. Gomez initially got some fans thinking that she opted for a wig rather than cut her hair so sort. But Selena’s hairstylist shared that the songstress took her hair cues from “1960’s love scenes.” And although Danielle Priano is credited for the celebrity redo, she emphasized that Gomez “is super hands-on with all of her creative endeavors.”

Your hairstyle inspiration from Selena: If you want a bob, imagine yourself starring in a ’60s romance scene. Lush for summer!

Ariana Grande: Blonde beauty

Ariana Grande covers British Vogue sporting a hairstyle that made us do a double — and then a triple — take. Ariana didn’t just make one major change: She went all out in transforming her look this summer by saying farewell to her trademark ponytail and her brown locks!

Vogue credits Chris Appleton in the credits for Ariana’s hair change, and if his name sounds familiar, there’s a reason. Appleton also has transformed the hair of superstars such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. But you don’t need a glam squad to feel inspired by Ariana’s stunning transformation.

Our hairstyle tip for Ariana Grande fans: Change it up this summer! If you usually sport a ponytail, try shaking it loose, and whether your hair is blonde, brown, black, or red, experiment with a different shade with an easy wash-in hair dye.

Sienna Miller: Aniston’s famous ‘Rachel’ hairstyle from Friends

Remember Friends and Jennifer Aniston as Rachel? More specifically: Turn on your TV, find a Friends rerun (warning: It could turn into a happy addiction!), and check out Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle. Sienna Miller has taken her cue from that luscious layered look.

To get inspired by Miller channeling Aniston, go for a lob with a modern twist: Sienna’s opted for a centered part rather than a side part, thereby using her hair to frame her face rather than hide it.

Jennifer Lawrence: Chic and short

Jennifer Lawrence went for it by chopping off her hair for a chic summer look. Salon Nine Zero One stylist Riawna Capri turned to Instagram to flaunt J. Law’s “back to short” hairdo.

And can we talk about those beachy waves, too? The always-stunning Lawrence ups her summer sizzle with the combination of waves that wow and a daringly shorter length.

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How to take your hair inspiration from J. Law: Less can be more when it comes to chopping off your lovely locks. So try starting with just a slightly shorter look for the summer. If you like it, don’t stress over going shorter, but do try those beautifully beachy waves to frame your fabulous face.