15 shows about working-class families that aren’t Roseanne

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American Housewife

Take it from me: the life of a college professor isn’t very glamorous, and the Otto family serves to prove that nerd life is hard. Katy Mixon plays the title character, wife to her college professor husband, Greg, played by Diedrich Bader. Her biting cynicism, mixed with his “aw shucks” optimism is suburban gold, and I love it.

The premise: Katie and Greg move to a posh suburb so their quirky youngest daughter can benefit from the public school, but they struggle to fit into the upper-class community. Katie openly hates her neighbors and peers, and never misses an opportunity to insult the rich moms of her children’s schoolmates.

Why you’ll like it: This show rests almost entirely on the shoulders of Mixon’s Katie. Without Mixon’s (mildly) mean-spirited disposition and put-upon frazzled nature, there isn’t much to American Housewife. She is charming without being very likable (which sounds impossible, but is a testament to Mixon’s chops), and we are always on her side.

Katie Otto is all of us, if all of us had the courage to say the meanest, snarkiest things to the people in our life who really deserve it. She also looks like most of the women watching this show, and you won’t see her teetering to parent-teacher conferences in 6-inch stilettos.

Where to find it: Both of the lovable and relatable seasons are available on ABCGo and Hulu.