15 shows about working-class families that aren’t Roseanne

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The Emmys, Golden Globes, and People’s Choice Awards can’t all be wrong, can they? As a critical and ratings success, Mom is as endearing as it is poignant, and offers a look at life post-addiction that is a rare find on TV these days. Plus, it has Allison Janney, and we love her the most.

The premise: Mom follows two recovering drug addicts, Janney as Bonnie and Anna Faris as her daughter Christy, as they try to navigate life after beating addiction. The mother-daughter duo move in together to help support their recovery, along with Christy’s two children.

Life is tough, as they try to repair their relationship with each other, but also to all the other people in their lives that were hurt as a result of their addictions. They attend AA meetings and cultivate a tight support system of ladies in various stages of their recovery process.

Why you’l like it: I know it sounds like a real bummer, but it’s anything but. Sure, there are some tough-to-watch moments — like Christy and her family being evicted from their home — but its authenticity in the characters’ spirits and personalities is what keeps it buoyant.

Both Janney and Faris are willing to put their hearts into the characters of Bonnie and Christy. It makes for multi-faceted, well-rounded people that actually look and feel like real people, with real identities. Bonnie and Christy feel like people we might know or might be, and it’s fun to watch them get through their struggles with a wry wit and a touch of self-deprecation — just like the rest of us do.

Where to find it: You can find the first four seasons on Hulu, and this includes quite a glow up for the pair. Season 1 starts out with the ladies in pretty dark places, but by season 5 (available on CBS’ website) they are pretty successful individuals.