Celebrities show love and support for their LGBTQ fans, from Taylor Swift to Harry Styles


Celebrities are showing their love and support for the LGBTQ community, with Taylor Swift, Erika Jayne, and more taking time to share their pride.

From Harry Styles to Ariana Grande, we’re celebrating celebs who have stepped up and spoken out about their support of and appreciation for their LGBTQ fans. Join us in cheering these special stars.

Erika Jayne: An LGBTQ love letter

When Billboard turned to a variety of pop culture celebrities with a request to pen a “love letter” to the LGBTQ community, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) star/musician/dancer Erika Jayne didn’t hesitate. Erika pointed out that even before she became a reality TV star, she found support in the LGBTQ community. They purchased her records, attended her shows, and above all, made the recording artist “feel free and empowered to be exactly as I am — sparkly and over the top.”

Jayne also expressed her appreciation to the people from the LGBTQ community, from family members to friends, from teachers to mentors, who “have taught me so much about authenticity, the power of being unique, and what it means to be truly confident in your own skin.”

Taylor Swift: LGBTQ community rocks with “brave” boldness

Taylor Swift paid tribute to Pride Month when she stopped in Chicago during her Reputation tour. Wearing a dress the colors of the rainbow, Swift told her audience that she recognizes it is “brave to be honest about your feelings and who you love when you know that it might be met with adversity from society.”

The 28-year-old songstress reflected on the meaning of Pride Month. For Taylor, it’s a month to “celebrate how far we’ve come” while also acknowledging “how far we have left to go.” Swift sent her love and respect to those not yet ready to come out. She also shared her hope that the world may evolve into a place “where everyone can live and love equally and no one has to be afraid to all say how they feel.”

Harry Styles: A rainbow-hued “safe space” for LGBTQ fans

Throughout his European tour, Harry Styles repeated his LGBTQ mantra: “Feel free to be whoever you want to be in this room.” Harry enhanced that statement by taking an LGBT flag with him on stage, interacting with his audience to make the space safe.

Talking with the New Statesman, two young fans (Ksenia, 17, and Luna, 20) shared how their appreciation for Styles’ inclusiveness resulted in the Rainbow Project. The fans invited those who were present during the London phase of Harry’s tour to put specially colored paper over their phone lights during Styles’ rendition of “Sweet Creature.” The result was rainbow magic.

Ariana Grande: “Break Free”

Ariana Grande is following in the legendary footsteps of Madonna and Lady Gaga when it comes to an impressive history of consistently speaking out for gay rights. Like Gaga’s LGBT anthem “Born This Way,” Grande’s “Break Free” video sparked community pride.

Beyond that, Ariana credits her family for her attitude of open acceptance for all. Grande’s brother Frankie is gay, and the songstress shared that her family didn’t consider his sexuality anything unusual. That’s made her vocal about those who are bullies.

Ariana calls it “outrageous” when people are intolerant due to someone’s sexuality. Sharing that “most of my favorite people in my life are gay,” Grande recalls her anger when she saw friends or her brother get bullied because of intolerance.

In 2015, the songstress channeled her feelings into her Pride performance in New York City. She challenged the Supreme Court justices who voted against legalizing gay marriage and urged them to “join the goddamn celebration!”

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And ultimately, isn’t that “celebration” what Pride Month is all about?