Will Jamie Parker take home the Tony this weekend?


Is Jamie Parker going to take home the Tony for Best Lead Actor this year?

Jamie Parker is our beloved Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and while his performance is incredible, is he going to take home the award? Honestly, he should. He brings a level to Harry that we haven’t seen before.

We know him as the kid who would complain and get upset by his current situation. Harry Potter has always been our reluctant hero. He didn’t ask for this life to be thrust upon him but it was. So to bring to life a Harry that is interested in helping the world after everything that happened to him is no easy task.

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Jamie does it in a way that never makes Harry the victim. It would be so easy to make him into this monster of a character who always wants to complain about his situation. But there is a beauty to Parker’s portrayal that makes you feel for this man who had his entire life laid out for him before he could even speak.

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(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions)

Harry James Potter is not one of those characters who is easy to take on but Jamie does it in a way that leaves you just wanting the Boy Who Lived to be happy. So should he win? Yes, I believe he should. Will he? That’s the question of the season.

His category isn’t exactly easy but he brings our favorite character in a new and refreshing way while still making us believe that he was the Harry from the books and films that we grew up with. Even if he doesn’t win, there is something amazing about his performance that leaves you thinking about it for weeks afterwards.

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See if Jamie Parker takes home the Tony this Sunday!