Helena Bonham Carter: 9 reasons why she makes the perfect Bond villain


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Helena Bonham Carter may be the Bond villain in Bond 25. Here’s why she would be the perfect actress for the role.

There’s a chance that Helena Bonham Carter will play a Bond villain in the upcoming movie, Bond 25. Nothing is confirmed yet, but this is certainly a high possibility. The last time she was rumored connected to a series, the rumors came true. She will join The Crown in Season 3 (and 4 if ordered) as Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister.

While we know she is excellent at playing members of the Royal Family, there’s no denying that she’s going to make an excellent Bond villain should she take on the role. There is no other actress who can do evil quite like her and now no other actress we’d want to see connected to the project.

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Bellatrix Lestrange will always hold a special place in our hearts, even if she is evil and did kill Sirius Black. Some of us hoped that there was some sort of redemption in the end for her or a chance for her to see some of the errors of her ways. Of course, that couldn’t have happened for her story, but it didn’t stop us wondering and looking out for any chance of it.

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Here’s a look at the top nine reasons why Helena Bonham Carter really would make the perfect Bond villain.

9) She’s already shown she can do evil

There isn’t a role that Helena Bonham Carter can’t do. This actress is one of the most versatile ones you will ever come across. She’s tackled difficult Shakespearian roles, ill-fated members of royalty, and the darkest villains going. There are no worries at all about her tackling a major role like a Bond villain.

This takes someone with experience of evil characters. It will take someone with skill and talent to do crazy, dastardly roles.

We can just look at Bellatrix to see that she can do this sort of role. If that isn’t enough, there’s also Sweeny Todd and Les Miserables to see the types of roles she can play.

8) She looks the part

There’s no doubt that Bonham Carter looks like a Bond villain. Okay, I don’t mean that in a harsh way. In fact, the actress has even said that she is the perfect evil character because she looks like a witch. If she thinks she looks the part, then it must be true.

The idea of her looking like a witch did come due to her age. However, she is a quirky character in real life, which can come off as a little nutty and devilish at times. Plus, when she does play evil characters, it’s like she’s never putting in any effort and naturally that good!

7) She’s an accomplished actress

Bond 25 is going to need some big names and faces. It’s going to need a bunch of talented actors and actresses, just like every other Bond movie. This is a huge franchise and it’s not like just anyone can take up the roles. This is the case with every single one and not just a Bond villain.

However, a Bond villain is a major role in its own right. This is one of those characters that will go down in history as memorable, so a talented actress needs to be attached to the production. Bonham Carter instantly brings that and more.

6) She’s shown she can do crazy

Watch Harry Potter and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Bellatrix had spent years being tortured by the Demetors in Azkaban before Voldemort managed to break her out, along with other Death Eaters. It wouldn’t have been an easy role to play, especially with the amount of content Bonham Carter would have had to work with. Yet, she managed it.

A Bond villain often has something that makes them stand out and that can be crazy. They can think of some of the craziest ideas, those out-of-the-box elements that makes you wonder if they’d been through something that twists their brains. This is something this actress could certainly bring as a Bond villain without even trying.

5) She can do overdramatic in a good way

Bond villains have deformities or an appearance that makes them stand out. At least, all the greatest Bond villains do. Helena Bonham Carter would have no issue in creating a character that is loud, strong, powerful, and overdramatic. She wouldn’t mind adding what it takes to make her a true villain for Bond 25.

We’ve watched her take on multiple overdramatic characters, bringing something new to each one and making them stand out against her foe. Think of the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland and Mrs. Lovett in Sweeny Todd. A Bond villain will come naturally to her.

4) She doesn’t mind becoming the part

To become a Bond villain, she will need to think like a Bond villain. That’s something she needed to do as the Red Queen. This was a character that had physical deformities that she was conscious about. She had this big head that she was concerned about to the point that others around her would make them look like they had enlarged parts of their body.

While many actresses may not want to spend hours in makeup, Bonham Carter didn’t mind. In fact, she found it all fun to do. If Bond 25 decides to give this villain some sort of physical deformity to fit in with the rest, this wouldn’t be something up for debate in the dressing room—except for the way to make the character even more a monster!

3) She can work little material in a big way

Don’t worry if there’s only a little material for her to work with. Helena Bonham Carter doesn’t need a lot. When she got the part for Bellatrix, there was very little that she had to create this well-rounded character. Yet, she took the information and ran with it.

During interviews when she was starring in the Harry Potter movies, she explained how she had created some of the characteristics for this disheveled, crazy woman. The rotten teeth, corset, and messy hair were all Bonham Carter’s doing. She’ll bring that creativity to a Bond villain, creating the perfect specimen for Bond to go up against.

2) She gets into the mind of the character

The characters are more than just words on a page. Bonham Carter gets into the mind of her roles. When it came to Bellatrix, she delved into this person with power and the evil that it would take to kill a family member—Sirius Black. She thought about the feelings that Bellatrix would have when setting fire to Hagrid’s house.

We’ll need someone to really get into the mind of a Bond villain. There’s no need to worry when they cast our own evil villain into this role. The only other person who could totally take this on similarly is Ralph Fiennes—yes, Lord Voldemort.

1) It’s Helena Bonham Carter…no more explanations needed!

Do we really need another reason? Helena Bonham Carter is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood right now. She’s played so many different types of roles that we know she’s more than capable of being a Bond villain. She takes her roles and runs with them, creating characters that we would never even imagine.

What they’d have to be careful with is Bonham Carter overshadowing other actors on the screen, including Daniel Craig. She’ll certainly give him a good run for his money!

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Why are you excited about Helena Bonham Carter becoming the next Bond villain? Would this encourage you to see the movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below.