Cloak and Dagger: 3 potential crossover ideas


It seems as though the production of Cloak & Dagger is down with letting Tyrone and Tandy visit other heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger premiering tonight, hype is pretty much at its peak. We’ve heard about this series. Some of us have already even seen the first episode. We’ve also given an in-depth preview of tonight’s premiere.

Today is also the perfect day for this item from TVLine, which quotes executive producer Joe Pokaski as saying that the Cloak & Dagger team is definitely open to having Tyrone and Tandy “artfully cross … over” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Naturally, that led us to some thoughts and considerations about who exactly might work with Cloak and Dagger. TVLine suggested Runaways. We’re not saying our ideas are better, but we’re saying we have more of them. Let’s get right to it.


Yes, I’ve said it before: “the MCU can stay a little disparate.” But can is not the same as must, and, as TVLine itself notes, Cloak and Dagger actually debuted in a Spider-Man comic way back when. That means that Peter Parker would probably be the best wink-and-a-nod character to get a cameo or a mention.

Granted, Cloak & Dagger takes place in New Orleans, and Peter does his superheroing in New York City, but who’s to say a field trip on either end wouldn’t work out?

This might also be the most complex cameo just in terms of rights and licenses, thanks to Sony still owning the Spider-Man rights and only sharing them with Marvel. But hey, if the show blows up, maybe one can cross over to the other or make a brief appearance.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage

This is probably the biggest stretch — at least at first glance — but it’s also the easiest in the sense that Disney actually owns the rights to these two. Anyway, of the shows Netflix has, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage seem to be the two that would fit most neatly with Cloak & Dagger. Not only do Jessica and Tandy share some traumatic events in their past, but Luke and Tyrone share some similar experiences, too — enough so that it seems like Jessica and Luke could be grown versions of Tandy and Ty, just with different powers and well, okay, slightly different experiences.

Sure, the Netflix side of things is a little more adult, but just because Cloak & Dagger airs on Freeform doesn’t mean it’s a lighthearted teen show. Trust us on this one.


Remember how I said Spider-Man would be the most complex? That’s because Marvel has to share. If Disney should purchase Fox, an X-Men/Cloak & Dagger crossover would suddenly become a lot more possible.

But beyond that, we know that New Mutants is on the way from Fox eventually, putting a younger generation to the forefront. That’d be right where Tandy and Tyrone would fit in, and the concept of teens learning to use their powers … well, that’s intrinsic to both superhero sets, isn’t it?

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Cloak & Dagger premieres tonight, June 7, on Freeform.