IHOP is flipping its name to IHOb and Twitter doesn’t know what to think


Twitter is flipped upside down right now as IHOP has announced that it is changing its name. In fact, they say now, it’ll be known as IHOb.

It looks like IHOP is flipping the script and its name. The brand announced on Twitter that it’s changing its name to IHOb — however, they aren’t letting anyone in on what the B stands for just yet.

In fact, the IHOP Twitter page is having a lot of fun with the name flip, as they have even posted a poll asking their followers what the B might stand for. Among the possibilities are, barnacles, butternut squash, and bacon. We’re not sure how we feel about two of those.

Of course, while IHOP is having fun with changing its name, Twitter’s taking things a lot more serious — they just want to know what it’ll be. So people around Twitter have been having fun taking a stab at guessing just what that mysterious B could be.

Some breakfast enthusiasts weren’t taking the news so well on Twitter. Instead of having IHOP play with their heart, they wanted to get to the bottom of things ASAP. Or should we say, ASAb?

Another Twitter user made it clear that for them, the new Bb in IHOP’s name stands for “betrayal.”

Still, other Twitter users wondered if this was a sign of things to come, with other big chains suddenly changing their names out of the blue. One Twitter user wondered if perhaps Denny’s would be joining in on the name change game, too. Of course, their suggestion was a bit longer than most restaurants want on their signs.

And to list things to the point of exhaustion, some people like this Twitter user just went in for the kill, listing as many foodie B words as they could think of.

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Nice try, everyone, but it look’s like IHOP’s lips are sealed. And as IHOP is set to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its very first restaurant, it makes sense to start shaking things up. Out with the old, in with the new!